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Liberty Gardens 10 South Boulevard

This prestigious multi-storey office development is constructed around a glass atrium to optimise the use of natural light. It includes a ground reception floor, five spacious floors of office accommodation. It is easily accessed via the R24 and Marcia Street in Bruma, and is close to all amenities and services. It is within walking distance of the Eastgate Shopping Centre and Garden Court Eastgate Hotel.

Available Space

Unit IDWeb ReferenceGLA(m2)TypeAvailabilityRental (R/m2)
Ptn 5FGT-JHB-BRUM-6SJ-Ptn 5F276m2OfficeImmediateR110 / m2
Ptn 2nd FloorGT-JHB-BRUM-6SJ-3MFP27m2OfficeImmediateR110 / m2
Ptn F2 Suit 203GT-JHB-BRUM-6SJ-3MFT133m2OfficeImmediateR110 / m2
Entire 4th FlGT-JHB-BRUM-6SJ-2QIO1740m2OfficeImmediateR110 / m2
Ptn F2 Suit 204AGT-JHB-BRUM-6SJ-3MFV149m2OfficeImmediateR110 / m2
Ptn F5GT-JHB-BRUM-6SJ-3MG160m2OfficeImmediateR110 / m2
Ptn F5GT-JHB-BRUM-6SJ-3MFZ425m2OfficeImmediateR110 / m2
Ptn 5F TerreacGT-JHB-BRUM-6SJ-UDP35m2OfficeImmediateR53 / m2
Balcony F4 NorthGT-JHB-BRUM-6SJ-2TVJ94m2OfficeImmediateR53 / m2
Ptn F4 Balcony SouthGT-JHB-BRUM-6SJ-3MFX94m2OfficeImmediateR53 / m2
Ptn F2 Suit202BGT-JHB-BRUM-6SJ-3MFR33m2OfficeImmediateR110 / m2
Ptn F2GT-JHB-BRUM-6SJ-2TVC515m2OfficeImmediateR110 / m2
Ptn F5 Balcony NorthGT-JHB-BRUM-6SJ-2QIY71m2OfficeImmediateR53 / m2
Ptn 5th FlrGT-JHB-BRUM-6SJ-2QIU641m2OfficeImmediateR110 / m2
Entire 3rd FlGT-JHB-BRUM-6SJ-2QIM1910m2OfficeImmediateR110 / m2
Ptn F5 Balcony SouthGT-JHB-BRUM-6SJ-3MG373m2OfficeImmediateR110 / m2
Ptn F2 Suit201GT-JHB-BRUM-6SJ-1B9387m2OfficeImmediateR110 / m2
Ptn F2 Suit 204BGT-JHB-BRUM-6SJ-J7Z40m2OfficeImmediateR110 / m2


Johannesburg | Bruma | GautengReference: 6SJ

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