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Corobay Corner Building A & B 169 Corobay Avenue

Newly developed prime offices with A-Grade finishes located in the Menlyn Maine. Close proximity to the business sector and a walking distance to Menlyn Park Shopping Center. Easy access to the highway and public transport. The property has an intelligent allocation advantage; 3 yr lease - 8 months incentive of Tenant Installation equivalent to 5 months and 3 months rent free. 5 yr lease - 10 months incentive of Tenant Installation equivalent to 6 months rent and 4 months rent free.

Available Space

Unit ID Web Reference GLA(m2) Type Availability Rental (R/m2)
A-A-3002 GT-PTA-MENL-6DM-A-A-1002 450m2 Office Immediate R175 / m2
A-A-G002 GT-PTA-MENL-6DM-B-B-2003 450m2 Office Immediate R175 / m2
A-A-G003 GT-PTA-MENL-6DM-B-B-3004 1188m2 Office Immediate R175 / m2
A-A-4001 GT-PTA-MENL-6DM-A-A-4001 671m2 Office Immediate R175 / m2
B-B-2002 GT-PTA-MENL-6DM-B-B-2002 250m2 Office Immediate R175 / m2
B-B-2004 GT-PTA-MENL-6DM-2RZE 246m2 Office Immediate R175 / m2
A-A-G003 GT-PTA-MENL-6DM-A-A-G003 1183m2 Office Immediate R175 / m2
A-A-3001 GT-PTA-MENL-6DM-A-A-1001 600m2 Office Immediate R175 / m2
B-B-2003 GT-PTA-MENL-6DM-A-A-G002 492m2 Office Immediate R175 / m2
A-AG001 GT-PTA-MENL-6DM-A-AG001 600m2 Office Immediate R175 / m2
A-A-4002 GT-PTA-MENL-6DM-EHE-A-A-4002 236m2 Office Immediate R175 / m2
A-A-1001 GT-PTA-MENL-6DM-A-A-3001 433m2 Office Immediate R175 / m2
A-007 GT-PTA-MENL-6DM-A-007 2259m2 Office Immediate R175 / m2
A-A-1002 GT-PTA-MENL-6DM-B-B-2002 616m2 Office Immediate R175 / m2
B-B-30012nd GT-PTA-MENL-6DM-A-A-3003 1178m2 Office Immediate R175 / m2
A-A-4002A GT-PTA-MENL-6DM-A-A-4002A 646m2 Office Immediate R175 / m2


Pretoria | Menlyn | Gauteng Reference: 6DM

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